I’m Starting a Blog.

Jan 18, 2018


Hey guys! 

After many months of debating with myself, I have decided to start a blog. I wanted a place to post about every aspect of my life. This will consist of photography, behind the scenes, my family, college life, my walk with Christ, crafting, my other business, being a Purduette, and everything else I like to do and want to tell you guys about. I have no idea what I’m doing or where this is going to take me, but I am excited to take the plunge! I pray that this blog will inspire and spark creativity, as well as spread my love and joy in life to all who stumble upon my story. 

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Let me introduce myself…

My name is Madi and I am the girl behind the lens. I am the photographer and owner of Madi Taylor Photography. I decided to use my first and middle name as my business name because it exhibits the creative side of Madi Wallace. While Wallace walks the streets, Taylor is the one taking the turns. 

When I decided to go to Purdue, I was unsure of what exactly I wanted to do. I love business, entrepreneurship, communications, art, graphic design, and doing what I love. I finally decided to study Studio Art & Technology and have absolutely fallen in love with it! This major covers art, photography, videography,  graphic design, and so many more creative outlets such as painting and drawing. I know this major was made for me. I am also minoring in Spanish and will finish my minor this summer when I study abroad in Spain! One of my many dreams is to be bilingual. I also serve as an Ambassador for the Entrepreneur and Innovation Program. After taking Entrepreneurship classes this last summer, I was nominated to be an ambassador to tell prospective students about the amazing opportunities the ENTR program offers. In addition to all of this madness, I am also a member of the Purduettes which is an auditioned ensemble made up of approximately 60 women serving as university ambassadors of song performing on campus, in the community, and worldwide. I really enjoy college and singing each day with my sisters in song.


Outside of college and photography, I enjoy spending my time crafting and painting. I make my own crafts and sell them on the side in an Etsy shop online. I get my craftiness from my amazing mother. My shop consists of dream catchers, threaded embroidery, crafted Disney Mickey ears, and brush calligraphy. I definitely have a soft spot for Disney World and enjoy traveling there with my family as much as I can. I love getting to visit my sister, Tori, and grandma who live in Orlando. My favorite thing to do at Disney is ride Tower of Terror with my fearless little sister, Abbi.

When going on adventures, you will never see me without my camera. I LOVE hiking, camping, kayaking, and spending my free time relaxing in a hammock watching the stars. The outdoors are my favorite. The smells, sounds, wind, and colors. My favorite color is forest green (go figure!). Vacations are much appreciated even though I am always busy doing what I love.


While I love singing in the Purduettes, I also enjoy singing and playing piano on the side. I often sing and play piano in local coffee shops and sometimes perform with my dad’s band if I’m lucky! I am very thankful for my musical gift that I get from my super awesome, drumming dad, Stan. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for all of my passions and continue to thank God each day for my talents. I am looking forward to this semester and where this blog will take me!



Thanks for joining me on this journey!








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