My Apartment

Feb 23, 2018


Moving Out

Moving out was very hard even though I only moved 15 minutes away from my parents. I’m the kind of girl who would have likely lived with her parents forever because I just love them that much. But…. “you need the dorm experience, Madi.” When I decided to go to Purdue, one of my friends at the time asked me to room with her in a dorm. I am so thankful for my dear friend, Lucy, who asked me that one day when I didn’t think I’d ever find someone to dorm with. She has become one of my life-long best friends and sisters in Christ. Love you, Lucy!!

After I was convinced that I needed the “dorm experience” and one amazing year, I signed a lease for bigger things, an apartment with two of my good friends. I live with Kylee and Sally (they’re absolutely nuts in the best way). We have been decorating this home together since BEFORE day one when Kylee and I begged for the dark red carpets and brown trim to be replaced with hardwood and white trim. Our dreams came true. It is the second semester and we are almost done with adding our little details to make it home. 

Here is a small preview of our place. Check it out!



My Bedroom

We were blessed with a brand new kitchen, white walls, new trim, and new floors. We are so thankful and love our home. My favorite part is my bedroom. This is where I feel right at home. Many have told me it is “soo Madi” so if you’re wondering what I’m like, check out my bedroom.

I want to make a very special thank you to my amazing father, Stan the MAN, who made this desk for me. It is a statement piece and perfectly fills out the tiny space making it even homier. Thanks, mom, for staining it.


Hope you enjoyed this short story! 







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