Sophomore Year in Review

May 15, 2018

Lord, bless this post and let someone see it who needs it. 

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Well, it’s over. Only summer lies ahead before I begin my third year at Purdue University. Can you believe I am already halfway done with college? I looked in the mirror today and laughed because I still feel like a kid. And some of my friends already have their OWN kids… Yeah, I am not ready to adult. I am grateful that my momma still does my laundry. Thanks, mom. 

   This year was wild but awesome. I finally declared my major and minor, made amazing friendships, learned a TON about myself, got BAPTIZED, and grew an even deeper relationship with my God. 

   I was studying communications and knew I was settling. I had no idea what major would accommodate what I wanted to do after college. I am still toying with my ideas for the future, but ultimately, I know God will take care of it. I love taking photos; it’s a fire that brings joy and more joy. I want to continue that. I also love creating graphics like posters, t-shirts, logos, websites, etc. I landed a mini-internship doing graphics on the side right now and it has been such an amazing experience learning more about graphic design and photoshop. I also love people and making relationships. I want to continue meeting new people, traveling, and sharing the gospel. After many visits to the registration office at Purdue, I was led in the perfect direction. I was interested in Visual Communications, but it didn’t line up with my plan of study. I was then introduced to Studio Art & Technology. I heard about all of the classes, job opportunities, and plan of study. Wow, what a huge blessing! God literally put this in my hands and told me to run with it. When my advisor told me about this, I said: “This is an answer to prayer”. Sooo, I RAN WITH IT! I scheduled my classes and fell in love with it. Thank you, God, for making college and homework bearable again. I took classes like; Painting, Drawing, Photo History, Spanish, and Classical Mythology. (I am minoring in Spanish and will be traveling to Spain to take classes in 5 days!) This schedule rocked. Even though these classes were challenging, they challenged me in the best ways. I would much rather be up until 4 am finishing a painting instead of a chem lab. This major will perfectly accentuate all of the things I love to do; photo, video, graphics, and art. Thank you, Lord.

  I don’t know where I would be without my friends! I get to learn about myself, grow relationships, and learn about amazing people. These people have been there for me like no one can describe. I am unbelievably grateful for you guys. 

I grew a lot this year. I was so selfish in high school, even freshman year of college. I thought it was all about me and my feelings. My thoughts were consumed with jealousy, worry, and fear. I was jealous of my friends, other photographers online, people with more success, people who were closer to God. I was so hard on myself. I worried about money, my future, relationships, and family. I feared death, the death of others, being forgotten, failing. There are so many pieces of humble pie that God threw at me until I got the point.

My girl, Bella, taught me how to be grateful and to forget about myself. She’s so right. I learned that my friends matter. When I thought they forgot about me, God made me realize that they probably did! But why should that worry me? Instead of beating myself up about it, I needed to put myself out there and remind them that I’m still there for them. Life is crazy and busy. So what if people forget about you? I cannot blame them. There are too many people and friends to keep track of, so inserting myself and being there for others will keep those friendships alive. I stopped getting butt-hurt when my friends didn’t ask me to hang out or didn’t talk to me. I started planning dates and texting my friends more. It’s so much different when you look at it in a new perspective and get off your high horse. It’s not all about me. Be a friend.

My bestie, Morgan, made me love myself again. Though it’s important to love others, it’s not selfish to love yourself. Instead of living selfishly, I lived in a way that loving myself could be selfless. I take care of myself, follow my dreams, have fun, and do God’s will. God needs a healthy girl to spread the word so I am taking care of my body, my heart, and learning as much as I can about the Bible, God, and His world. Thanks, Morgan, for helping me see the beauty in myself.

My roomie, Kylee, was always there. She is a listening ear and a giver. Thank you for listening to me in my lowest times and being there. You taught me to give, give, and keep giving. I have never met someone who gives more than you do. You are always busy helping others, even if you don’t want to. Your heart wants to and I love that about you. Also, thanks for loving to clean. 😉  

My homegirl, Lucy, taught me to love God like crazy. She’s such an example to me. I chased after God because I saw what He was doing in her life. She’s full of fire for the Lord. We saw each other weekly and we saw each other in our highs and lows and how God impacted our lives. Lucy changed my life. I was baptized because of this girl. Thank you, Lucy. 

God, thank you for this year full of wisdom. I prayed and received wisdom from you and will continue to pray for wisdom. You have set me free from worry, self righteousness, stress, and fear. I no longer fear the future or death. I know that if you took everything, I would still have You. That’s all I need. If you take everything, I am ready. Like Job, I will continue to trust you and have faith in your power. I will not stray from you. Amen!!!!

Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.

— Job 1:21 NIV

  In five days, I will be Spain bound. Look forward to photos, videos, and updates from my experiences abroad. I plan on traveling to Ireland and Paris as well. Please keep me in your prayers for safety and the spread of the gospel. I am so blessed to have this experience and I give all thanks to God. While in Spain, I will be staying with a host family and practicing my Spanish all summer. I dream of being fluent, so prayers for patience and understanding of new cultures and experiences. I have no reason to fear or worry because God is with me. I have faith that God will hold me up. I’ll see you all in six weeks! Thanks so much for listening to my heart.

With love,                                 


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