Downtown Lafayette, Indiana McCutcheon Senior Photoshoot with Bryce Butcher

Apr 22, 2021

downtown lafayette indiana

I’ve known the Butcher family for a long time. I remember going on a trip with my friends Molly and Megan. This was the first time I went on vacation away from my family, so I was low-key kinda scared. But I enjoyed afternoon walks to Whattaburger down the street and the Florida sunshine with the girls. We got cute matching shirts and hair wraps. Molly’s younger brother, Bryce, always begged us to come with us on walks but he wasn’t old enough! This was waaaaay before he grew into the mature, young man he is today! I was so excited when Bryce’s mom, Christy, asked me to take photos. There is nothing I love more than capturing photos of my friends and people I love! Bryce is officially graduating HIGH SCHOOL. It seems like yesterday when he was flirting with all the girls on the beach.

Bryce is off to study at Purdue then headed for the West Coast! He brought along his soccer ball, longboard, and a sharp navy suit. You do not want to miss the suit! We roamed around Downtown Lafayette capturing his senior photos at Riehle Plaza, a fun parking garage, and everywhere else. Bryce is quiet, yet incredibly kind. You can tell he has a huge heart, a passion for others, and a little bit of swag. Introducing…. Bryce Butcher.






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