Spring Family Session in McAllister Park in Lafayette, Indiana

Apr 26, 2021


The first thing I remember is Nora’s BIG smile when the Lynch Family arrived at their spring family session at McAllister Park in Lafayette, Indiana. She had the biggest brown curls and an adorable pink dress with ties. When Mason got out of the car, he gave off a very serious presence making sure I knew he cool and NOT going to smile too much. That didn’t last too long because I asked their favorite songs and we instantly began listening to Nora’s absolute favorite: Frozen 2. And yes, she said it is waaaay better than the first Frozen.

Walking and singing “Into the Unknown” through the park, I captured the family walking and talking until we made it to the bridge that is home to trolls and dinosaurs according to all the families and kids I’ve photographed here before. Nora was a superstar in front of the camera and was not afraid to show off her missing teeth. Mason played it cool until we told him it was cool to have fun. He loosened up and flashed the best smile all through the park! Everyone was full of life, giggles, and joy!

Making it to my favorite spot with beautiful willow trees and the sun coming through in time for golden hour, we listened to more Disney tunes, spun around, ran up the hill, jumped for the sky, and climbed the biggest trees in sight. Nora and Mason ran around and even had enough energy to sprint home after. I won’t forget how much they loved to play outside; something I, too, enjoyed as a kid.

Wrapping up the session, Ted and Megan mentioned that I was upbeat and fun which made my whole day! Sometimes I can get a little worried about how much FUN I have on these sessions, but at the end of the day, it’s all about making memories, spreading joy, and having fun! I am so grateful Megan reached out to me and I look forward to capturing more memories of Nora and Mason as they grow up!

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