Graduation Photos at Purdue’s Martell Forest for Rachel Brummet: A Tree Hugger

Apr 27, 2021


From the moment Rachel inquired with Madi Taylor Photography about senior photos, I was so stinkin’ excited! She wrote me a book of all the amazing things she did at Purdue University and all the adventures she wanted to go on for her senior photo shoot to celebrate! I did not hesitate! We planned an entire evening of visiting places such as the Bell Tower and Union Arch at Purdue University, the creek and black walnut tree plantation at Martell Forest, and her home roots, Annie’s Orchard. She brought along her boyfriend, Tyler, who she met In Montana while working over the summer. They soon realized they grew up only ten minutes away from each other back home in good ole’ Indiana. *SWOON*

When I arrived at Annie’s Orchard, I was greeted by an adorable “coon-dog” as Rachel calls them! After being sniffed with approval, we began taking photos near the Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom. Rachel and Tyler were so sweet together… Telling me how they met in Montana was an adorable story that I’ll save for another time. *wink wink*

Rachel is a certified tree-hugger and spends most of her time outdoors, exploring, hugging & measuring thousands of trees, and playing in the mud! She is a double major in wildlife and forestry. I learned so many new things about nature while we were out. We made our way to Martell Forest which is a Purdue property where Rachel did a lot of her fieldwork for her lab courses. The outdoors was her main campus throughout college!

She brought along some special gadgets that she uses on a regular basis; a trap for capturing game, her measuring tape for trees, and her whole get-up for exploring. Can’t forget the shades.

We ended the evening at Purdue University to capture some classic shots under the Bell Tower, the Union Arch, and some beautiful trees in full bloom.

Thank you, Rachel, for being an inspiration for how to love and take care of our planet! And thank you, Tyler, for being a helping hand by driving and holding all of Rachel’s stuff! Y’all are too cute.

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