Second Shooter Interest Form

May 3, 2022

Hi creatives!

There is nothing I love more than sharing my passion of storytelling with a fellow creative. I love working with people who are fun, patient, coachable, and have their own artistic flair to bring to the wedding day.

Second Shooter Interest Form:

  • Must shoot Canon

  • Must have experience shooting 5-8 weddings

  • Must include a portfolio with indoor and outdoor photography

  • Must be chill and laidback with a hard work ethic.

  • BONUS: You get to carpool with me


What is Madi Taylor looking for?

Madi is looking for someone who is always on the lookout for “that moment.” Someone who is intentional, professional, and takes artistic risks. You will be responsible for the groomsmen on your own. It is important to be coachable and open to trying new techniques throughout the day. Be prepared to be an extra hand for Madi when holding a bag, tossing the veil, or hiding the groom from the bride.

What equipment should I bring?

Please bring a main body and your lens of choice. I will be shooting on a Canon R5 & 35mm 1.4 as my main camera. I will use my Canon 5d mark IV & 85mm 1.4 for the ceremony. I recommend bringing a backup camera and lens as well as a flash for dark settings. In the past, my second shooters have brought extra lenses and props to spice up the photos since they have a little more time to be creative throughout the day.

What should I wear?

Every wedding is unique and calls for a different style. I try to maintain a classy look while staying comfortable wearing all black, earth tones, or something neutral. We will discuss the style and timeline of the wedding a week out.

Can I keep my photos?

I always provide SD cards for my second shooters, but if you would like to keep the photos, bring your own SD, and we will upload them to my laptop at the end of the night so you can take the SD home with you. You are welcome to keep and edit any photos you have taken.

Can I post the photos?

I ask that you do not upload or post any of the photos until one month after I have posted the blog post for the wedding. Please do not tag wedding clients or mention venues. You are welcome to use these photos for your personal portfolio.

Will transportation and meals be provided?

100%! If we are working together, let’s plan to travel together. If it’s easier to drive separately, we can discuss those options as well. Dinner at the reception will be provided, but please consider packing snacks for a lunch break right before the ceremony.




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